Can You Catch Scabies While Wearing Second-hand Clothing?

We all know that scabies is caused by the eight legged parasites residing under the skin. These mites are burrowed deep within the skin and hence cannot be diagnosed with the naked eye. These microorganisms can easily migrate from one host to another by coming in direct or indirect contact with the infested individual. Some of the common symptoms of scabies include the presence of blisters and intense itching. Therefore, people must keep a few things in mind before wearing second-hand or vintage clothes.

Choose the right stores

As compared to rummage sales in churches, consignment shops or vintage shops are pretty careful about the clothes that carry. Therefore you are less likely to get the infestation if you buy your clothes from reputed places.

Bag your clothes

Before you choose to wear second-hand clothes, you must ideally starve the mites. Put all your clothes in a plastic bag and put it away in the garage or basement for 2-3 weeks. Such a way, the mites would die out of starvation.

Wash your clothes properly

You must wash these second-hand clothes really well. wash them in hot water and dry these clothes at high temperature. If the vintage clothes cannot be washed at home, you must take them to the laundry immediately.

Monitor your bites

It’s time to see a doctor if you have developed an itch or blisters on your skin. There are several medications available in the market, including tropical meds which would kill the bugs; however you may notice the symptoms for a few weeks.

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